Healing for my sons severe heart valve leakage and schizophrenia

by DJ (Singapore And US)

Dear Lord my God and Saviour, I come you to in desperation to help heal my son. You have never abandoned us in times of suffering, have mercy on us and I know that its only through your grace that we may be forgiven. My son is only 28 and yet have suffered most of his life. Please dear Lord, please perform a miracle to heal the leakage of his heart valve, cleanse his blood and heal the left frontal cortex of his brain so that he may be healthy in heart, body, mind and spirit. Give him the ability to understand, reason and know what is right and wrong, and more importantly please find a way for him to seek you. Lord, my son and I live in 2 different countries. I have to work in order to support him. There isnt a day that goes by where my biggest wish is to unite with him in the US. but more than anything, please dear lord, dont worry about me but please dear lord with your power, please heal his heart and mind so that he will be able to take care of himself. Dear Lord, as I read all the prayers for healing, I realise that I should not be selfish in thinking that mine is important, we are all your children, therefore, I pray for all those who have come to you for miracles and healing…Grant us your mercy and grace dear lord, as you are the almighty lord, you are our saviour and hope and its only you who can help us…do not forsake us dear lord….I love you, AMEN..