Healing for my sister,Success in exams for my daughter & success in job for my godson

by Maria (Malaysia)

St Joseph just a wk fr yr Feast,I present to u my heartfelt petitions.I ask for yr miraculous healing upon my sister whose skin in her leg area &body causes great itch,pain leaving marks.Pl give her yr healing dear saint,take away all her bad dreams,give her good health all days of her life.

Please also bless my godson who is 36 yrs old.make his bosses create a vacancy in the mines,give him a successful promotion soon.I lift up my daughter to u dear saint Joseph pl make her pass all these exams in her blk 2 all at one go return to India to cont her blk 3 & 4 medical exams.With yr guidance,grace & blessings pl make her pass all exams all at one go & return to Malacca by April 2014.

I place all my hope & trust in u dearest Saint Joseph & await yr miraculous blessings on all my intentions.Amen