Healing for my marriage

by Linda ()

My husband Joe is addicted to cigarettes and marijuana. Since we first met I told him that cigarettes affected asthma for me. I did not know about the marijuana at the time we met, but found out later. I was willing to give him time to get off both. Since we have been together the doctors have told him he needs to get off both, because he has diverticulosis and the smoke makes it worse.
We have been together going on 10 years in March if we make it that long. He is angry and upset because we cannot be intimate due to the smoke is in his skin and tongue. He enjoys being intimate, I have learned to except it not being very prone to the physical side of marriage. God says that a husband and wife should be intimate with one another so I try to be obedient. Since being with Joe I have learned to enjoy being intimate, but afterward my throat burns and my female part burns due to the smoking so I do not engage as often as Joe would like.
At this point he is blaming me for not being intimate with him. He says I am using his weakness to punish him when I am physically hurting after encounters with him being intimate. I am trying to be patient and let him quit on his own and he has even been on the patch, but takes it off to smoke, so they do not really help.
I am asking for prayer for Joe to stop smoking both and for our marriage to heal and be strong. He believes in God and says he asked God to take them away, but in the same breath says that he really does not want to quit because they calm him down even though he knows they are also hurting him physically in his body.
He cries and rolls on the floor, couch and bed when his stomach hurts and wants to go to the ER for pain medication when they have told him numerous times it is the marijuana abuse causing the pain. He also has seizures and did not go to school for a year when his mother was trying to get him the medication he needed to help with the seizures. That caused him to drop out of school at age 12 because he fell behind and teachers just pushed him along to get rid of him so his reading level is low.
Our marriage would grow and be stronger if he would just stop smoking.

Thank you

Linda Wright

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