Healing for my Father

by E.O (West Covina, Ca. USA)

Pls. Help intercede for my Father Edgardo O. He has cancer in his body right now. I pray to the Lord that he will heal him, relieve him from the physical pains from this cancer, give him the peace of mind, make his body & soul strong that he may be able to fight this disease that’s ravaging his body and also to withstand the treatments that the doctor might prescribe for him. I sincerely hope and fervently pray that his body will response to either chemotherapy or radiation my Lord. I have only enjoyed my father’s company for only 11 years since he had to go overseas to provide for us until he petitioned us so we could be together. I beg of you to please lengthen his life so We could still be together and to hopefully see his grandchildren from me. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

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