Healing for my daughter Sherizaan that underwent an arm operation and a house for me and my family

by Gail (Johannesburg South Africa)

Dear Pastor i greet you in the awesome name of our Heavenly Father Pastor

i have two prayer request ,My daughter that was born disabled recently had an operation on her one arm to help her eat ,wash her self and do other things by herself by her self i dont want her to depend on others for assistance i believe that God answered my prayers and that He will heal her.

I also need prayer assistance we are currently renting and i am looking for another place to rent which is more affordable but i need a place close to the church ,there is a lady Maria that that is going to move next year but she want a huge amount of money and we dont have that kind of money the Johannesburg this is the ideal place for me and my family and it is 2 minutes walk from church please keep us in your prayers my name is.

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