Healing for my Daughter & Family

by Anne ()

Five years ago, my Daughter remarried after losing her husband of 15 yrs to an accidental death. We were so happy she had found someone. Much to our surprise, tho’, within 3 mos, they moved across the country from us. This was quite a shock since she is my only child & we have always been extremely close & I adore my three wonderful Grandchildren. Happy for her, tho’, we didn’t say anything. Soon after the move, we began to hear very little from her & eventually, everything stopped. Something had to be wrong, I had no doubt. In checking, we became quite concerned to learn that he has severed ties with his family & altho in his 40’s, he has moved often & frequently changed jobs. In fact, he had not worked in quite a long time! He also has no communication with his children from past marriages & relationships. I have only now learned that they were evicted serveral times & he has even taken her car, leaving her with no transportation. Prior to their move with him, my Daugher & the Children had lived in the same home for over 12 yrs as she valued the stability this offered. She has a strong work ethic & despite being ill, she is still working up to 18 hours a day from home. He is still refusing to get a job as he wants his “own” company & doesn’t like working for the other man. (part of life!) That is his explanation for leaving early in the morning & returning at 1-2 am in the morning 6 days a week. She has no idea where he is or even what he is doing. She can’t even get the children from school as he financially “lost” her car. He even pawned her wedding rings on Mother’s Day so he could go “work”. None of it makes any sense & she knows that – whether she will admit it or not. I can see she is embarrassed. She has begged me not to say anything to him because in her words, “it only makes him mad & he’s harder on her”. This is not the Daughter I knew 4 yrs ago & this all seems like emotional abuse to me. Oops, my error, I’m sorry that I did not explain that he allowed her to move back 6 wks ago after she had a mild heart attack & her health has gotten progressively worse. She is so pale & thin, only a shell of herself. The Drs told her they believe it is thyroid cancer & she needs to be in treatment even now…they are also concerned about nodules in her lungs as well as in her back. She was to see someone to begin treatment as soon as she returned but as of now, she has only seen our Family Physician who is also quite concerned. Sadly, she has no insurance so she is dependent on Medicaid & it is taking a very long time to get her approval. She is worried because as the only one working, her earnings plus the money the Children receive from their Dad’s Society Security is the only income they have. Once she begins treatment, she will be unable to work, at least for awhile, so they won’t have enough money on which to live. The mere fact that her Husband is not willing to step up & get a job…if only for awhile, makes no sense at all! The Word tells us that if a man doesn’t provide for his family, he is worse than an infidel. I know I must be very sensitive in talking to her about this but my Husband is ready to explode! She is so very afraid of being alone that she refuses to confront him about what must be discussed. Her fear is so extreme that it isn’t even rational. Just look at the alternative…She will most likely die if she continues the way she is currently but it is as tho’ she has been brainwashed. I recognize the enemy at work & in the Mighty Name above All Names – JESUS, I pray that you will stand in agreement with us that first, my Daughter will be healed from all diseases & destructions according to Ps. 107:20!!; that the Darkness will be brought to the Light in such a way that Truth can not be denied! Of course, I believe this man needs Jesus! Jesus brings us to the peace & rest that only He can bring – It’s that vacuum in our heart that only He can fill. Apparently, he has been wounded severely in the past & like all of us, Jesus is the Answer! The Lord has set the captives free & it breaks my heart to see my Child full of fear, without His peace, & in need of healing. She has always been close to Jesus..a former youth Pastor..loving her life of service for Him ! And sadly, I see my precious Grandchildren not knowing what to do either. They thought they had a new Daddy who loved their Mother but instead, they have watched their Mother be treated very differently than the way their Dad did. Unfortunately, we are unable to help her much financially as I am disabled & we are living on our Social Secuity…altho’ the Lord provides for us, giving us various ways to earn money all the time…but oh, how wonderful it would be to tell her to start treatment & to focus on nothing but Jesus – to tell her as I did when she was a little girl, “everything is going to be alright – because Jesus is taking care of EVERY thing”…And I do know that He is! We don’t walk by sight..we walk by FAITH!! I have heard her tell her Children that very same thing…so I know she knows it! The enemy is doing all he can to destroy her & to take her hope..(& we know that hope deferred makes the heart sick) & he has stolen her joy (her strength) BUT what the devil has stolen, he has to repay sevenfold!! Please, please stand with me during this time!! I feel as if I am fighting for my Daughter as strongly as I ever have). And with the assurance that some one is standing with me, I know victory is just around the corner. Know for certain that I am going to shout it from the housetops when I look into her eyes once again & am able to see the peace of Jesus! I just pray right now that whoever is reading this will agree with us & that Lord, you will grant them the very desires of their heart. Thank you greatly & God bless you!!

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