Healing for my brother Brian

by Daniel Middledorf (Dunkirk, MD, USA)

Dear Lord,

I know you have the power of healing. I beg you to heal my brother Brian in his time of need. Please enter his body as he lies in the hospital bed near death. As you know Lord his brain is swollen and his liver and kidneys are failing. Please give me a chance to talk to him about your word and pray with him to be saved by You. Lord, I know you have the power to heal him completely and I hope that its in your will for Brian to have a full recovery. I’m sitting in the hospital waiting for the doctor to tell us what they think. Right now they’re evaluating him and You are the only One that can help him. Also please give our family the strength and comfort to get threw this tough time. Also when this is over please give him the strength to be drug free and alcohol free because I believe that is why we are here now. Lord, I just want to thank you in advance for answering my prayer because I have faith in You that You will heal my brother. If it’s not in your will for him to survive this horrible time then I respect that, I just ask that You enter his heart and soul Lord and give him a chance to be saved by You. I love You Lord and I know that You will do whatever’s in Your will. I ask this in Your Son Jesus Christ name.

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