Healing for mental illness, broken relationship & return to the Lord

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I would like to request prayers for my ex fiance Mohammad. He got saved recently on Sept 8th. However, I have since discovered his porn habit/escort websites, and he has had previous incidences of cheating online through social media (past). We had a HUGE fight, and he said his porn habit was from before getting saved, but given the prior cheating, I felt insecure and terribly upset. After the fight, he had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized for 3 days. He then changed his phone number and sent a message through his friend to me that he want to terminate the relationship. He was sighted holding the Quran and praying on his carpet. and since then has been silent and gone missing. I would like prayers for his addiction to porn/escorts, restoration of emotional balance, healing from trauma, depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, and anxiety. I pray that he will clean himself with God’s help, and he will open himself up to repairing and restoring our relationship quickly so no further damage is done to our relationship. I pray that if there are any evil spirits or spiritual strongholds are in place, that these are broken, and overcome and our households and our relationship will be protected and the shield of God. I pray that we can find a good therapist/psychologist to help us overcome the trauma, pain and issues above and we can both be healed and move forward with our future because we love each other very much and I pray this love will grow stronger and stronger and we can get married. I know i am praying for a lot, therefore I am praying for many miracles and breakthroughs but I know this is all possible through the Lord. Thank you very much.

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