Healing and restoration of my marriage

by Jeanette ()

Please help me pray for my very fragile marriage. For years I prayed for a better marriage and fought tooth and nail to keep going even though my husband made it hard and even impossible most days. One day, after having someone pray over my marriage where the prayed God would make seen the boulder that is the true obstacle in my marriage, the boulder came to light within a few hours. Words cannot express how unprepared I was to face the boulder. It came to light that my husband had been unfaithful to me for many, many years with a woman I believed to be his friend, a friend who even had me dog-sit for her. For an entire year I lived a complete nightmare of having my husband refuse to leave her, yet not take a stand and leave me either. I lived through so many horrible, terrible things. I heard so many heart-wrenching, soul-cutting words come out of his mouth, and yet, I never gave up. Day after day I prayed to God to show me what to do and two scriptures kept being presented to me. My husband was the lost sheep who needed to be found and due to his lack of prayer, I needed to be the shepherd. And daily I was told to BE THE LIGHT! It was the hardest thing to do but was reminded how this was about God and His purpose for me and my marriage. With the grace of God, my husband finally ended the affair a few months ago and has repented what he has done. He says time after time that he cannot believe what he did or said and almost feels as if he were possessed. Unfortunately, he is still dealing with the aftermath of everything in the sense that he feels guilty and is trying to figure out who he really is. With all this, he cannot bring himself to fall back in love with me, be intimate with me (both emotionally or physically) and continues to question whether he could ever be faithful to me. Loyalty has always been almost the most important thing to me in any relationship and coming from a broken home, I have always needed someone to truly love me. Seems like the devil knew exactly where to hit my marriage, my husband, and me to make sure he separated what God has united.

I come to ask for help in prayer to continue be strong, to heal, and to fasten my armor to keep fighting this battle. I also ask for prayer for my husband so that he may obtain God’s wisdom and become the man, husband, father, son, and brother God wants him to be. I ask for help in prayer so that my marriage, my husband and I all fully heal and be made stronger than ever according to God’s will for us.

Thank you for allowing me to request prayer through your portal and thank you for your prayers!


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