healing and miracle prayer

by Jaeuet (United Kingdom)

I’ve been through 3 relationship that have not ended up in marriage. I have two kids with different fathers. I recently came out of an emotional abusive relationship which lasted 6 years. Am now single with 2 wonderful kids to look after,gifts from God. My prayer request is to ask God to forgive my sins, and to cleanse my heart, and to help me to forgive my ex partner,who’s the father of my second child. He has refused to take responsibility to help look after his son and has not come to see him since he was 2 months. I pray that God softens he’s heart so he can reunite with his son and love him unconditionally. I also pray that my eldest son who is growing up to fast and being influenced, due to peer pressure and culture shock that God guide him to know what’s right and wrong. And I also pray for financial stability, to be able to Clear my debts, so i can buy our family house and a car. Also pray for unity in our families especially with my first cousins who have chosen to alienate themselves from us. Finally I pray to God to give me a life partner, a soul mate who will love me with my kids. Amen.

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