Healing A Broken Heart

by Allison (Houston, Texas)

Father God, all powerful in mercy I come to you in need of a healing. The man I love decided to end our relationship because he feels we’re not compatible (I dislike reality TV & rap music) I tried everything possible to hang on but he insist on ending our 6 months bond. Forgive me father for choosing this person without your approval.

My heart so torn. At times I can barely raise my head (suffering w/headaches), sleep deprived (past 2 months), loss of appitiate (due upset stomach).

Father God, please, come see about me. Please, don’t forsaken me like he did, come rescue me and set me free from this bondage. I pray that blood of Jesus that was shed on Calvery “wash me clean” & heal my brokenness, in Jesus name I pray.. Amen.

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