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I want to tell you my situation cause I don’t know what to pray for right now. On August 23,2021 my 22 year old schizophrenic son shot and killed my husband in front of me, and then pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger. He thought we were attacking him and that he had to defend himself from us. The gun didn’t go off and I got away to get help. My son was took to jail and charged with murder and attempted murder. My husband and I were trying to get him medical help for the schizophrenia but it was to late, I had an appointment to talk to a doctor about an emergency detention on him for the up coming Thursday. My son has not had any kind of treatment or anything still and his mental state hasn’t improved much but it’s not as bad as it was that day. I’m so confused and hurt from what he done. And only a few hours after my husbands body was removed from our home someone set it on fire and everything we owned burnt. I lost everything in less than 12 hours of waking up on that day. My husband, my son, and everything that my husband and I had worked hard to have in life gone. I’ve not had much support from the community I live in and it’s been a mix of hostility towards me and my son from my husbands family and friends. We were already a very dissfunftional family with problems to over come and this has destroyed our family life to the point of being close to no repairing it. I know god has a plan for us and he will turn this into a beautiful purpose for our good some how. We just need the strength to endure and knowledge to take the right steps from here and keep our faith strong in him and his love for us.

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