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4-1-2021 Received my Ordained Ministry Kit.

5-23-2021 got common law married to Paul Mock by a pastor because we are both on Medicare disability.

12-14-21 we moved to rent a bedroom for $600.00 each. So it adds up to $1200 a month. We are on disability and get $780 each a month. We stay locked in this bedroom. 9 people live in this small old house paying the same each. We Need better living. We have no vehicle. We need vehicle. Have to order food online and have it delivered.

Could not get Man made married but got married like Mary and Joseph in the Bible.
May 23, 2021 was united by pastor Buddy Garland under Almighty God To Paul Mock. My husband needs healing as well, he has 5% vision, high Cholesterol, high blood pressure, non-diabetic neuropathy and bad nerves.

I had a motorcycle wreck September 1st 2018, fractured skull in 3 places and broke rt collarbone. My Walking bad, can use one hand and arm, and left hand won’t let me write, digestive system bad, no dreams or spiritual gifts. I want to be healed and cleansed in every aspect. I’m lucky to be able to save 20.00 a month.

Please pray for mine and Paul’s physical healing, on SSA disability since September 1st 2018 and only get $780.00 a month. I’m lucky if I can have $20.00 left over after I pay for everything. No job, family help. I want to fellowship, help people like myself, homeless etc and bring Jesus into everything. I want to walk like Jesus and Heal others.

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