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I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer for my son Frank I’ve been praying for healing Deliverance and salvation he took Christ in his heart amen but the addictions that he has like gambling,but praise God he went to the casino and asked them to ban him for he’s not allowed to gamble I’m very proud of him for that and I want to praise God and say Amen to that,I also pray for Ari and she’s the partner of Frank she has three children and one belongs to Frank ,she took Christ in her heart she’s trying really hard but Lord oh Lord Jesus I pray that I can help her I’ve been helping her with her house give me the strength Lord to continue helping her cuz you put her in my path to be her mother and I pray to do your will in my children’s life also I’m raising my granddaughter Frankie Lynn keep her in prayer we go to church we read the Bible together but she’s addicted to the computer end games I need to know father what I can do to entertain her to pull her away from games she doesn’t realize how long she’s on the game, I pray for these things in Jesus’s name, I just found your site so I’ll pray for this site Lord in the blood of Jesus I pray that this site travels all over the world for people that need prayer and for their prayers to be blessed with the grace and the strength and the hedge of protection around about this site but the whole armor of God that we can stand against the whales of the devil father God thank you so much that this site is new or I have just found I pray this works out to pray for the people that are on this site in Jesus’s name in the blood of Jesus I pray amen

I have a few more requests for prayers that are serious and I’ve been praying for two other nieces need prayer for ones in Seattle in the hospital she’s been there for a year I’ve been praying for the father’s will be done for Debbie she went through another surgery she’s been sick for a long time and bring her home to her family , my niece Jerry who has not been not well for 10 years she’s a mail carrier I’m praying for Jerry and the father knows her needs he knows all about Jerry, Lord I pray healing strength to continue on with prayer I pray to be a prayer warrior there’s so many that need prayer, change me for your will to be more like Christ I got a long ways to go Lord but you love me as I am keep changing me for your will to be done in the blood of Jesus Christ I pray also for my husband Reggie he’s 83 I pray he knows the Lord Jesus Christ pray for his salvation, amen

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