by Natasha ()

For healing and the door to be closed on my past forever for bad people to quit haunting me in my sleep and in reality for my mother’s healing after everything she lost for the truth to set me free like u god says for me to gain alot of money from my rights being violated in every Sense so bad it got to medical phycologist law inforcment lawyers family everyone please pray and get everyone who has I’ll intentions away from me and lots of money for all world causes from deseiese research and prevention to sex trafficing trama consulting to sobriety house works hunger world issues of all kinds that’s where my billions would go so please awnser my prayers as I’ve been praying most of these for 30 years the bad ones since about the age 17 when I stated feeling all this blackness souround me for no reason that’s why the truth is important because it’s cost me and my entire family their life and no one cares on top of that I have to continue to live in all of this with no money no liscence no direction of protection and for all the reasons I spent years racking my brain it was never my or our fault everything people asume or think of me is off And third honest I get the worse it gets so just pray for these things and I am praying for ur organization as well God bless thank u … Also for all darkness that is being done to me will shedto light it’s not ok..

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