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my the one true living GOD heal me in Jesus name. May he answers all of my prayers that align with his will. May he cover protect heal prosper provide supernatural divine intervention and direction for my children and my husband. May he alway me to become a Billionaire so that I will be a legendary giver in my place of worship and in advancing his kingdom globally. May he be a righteous God and bring justice in our lives from those who tried to hurt us. May we walk into the destiny the Lord has pathed our specifically for us. May we do well in the land of the living so that we go home to our Heavenly Father he will say well done thy good and faithful servants. We will experience overflow in every area of our lives in the land our father has given us to prosper in as our soul prospers. A land flowing of milk and honey in Jesus name. May we possess the fruits of the Holy Spirit connected to the true vine always allowing a fresh refilling of the Holy Spirit daily spreading his truth and love throughout the world by his spirit. I ask these things according to John 14:-13-14 . I have not because I ask not and I’m the name of Jesus I ask that this prayer according to Isaiah 55:11 will not return to me void but come to pass because God is faithful to his word especially when we believe. I believe in Jesus name this prayer will come to pass in the land of the living and another believer who will read this and believe touch and agree with me. For when two or three touch and agree so it shall be in Jesus name and by the power of the resurrecting spirit I pray amen.

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