Heal unforgiveness in our family

by Angela (Canada)

Please brothers and sisters in Christ pray with my husband and I thru our Lord Jesus Christ, for my God given family. We have 3 sons whom are married and a total of 9 grandkids. We are so blessed. Thank you Jesus. Our eldest son, his wife and their 5 children have cut us out of their lives. We were not able to go visit them at Christmas because my husband and I were both so ill with flu. We could not get on a plane. We both had fever. They were so upset with us. So many hurtful things were said to us and told us we were never to contact them and we would never be able to talk to kids as long as we lived. We have tried calling texting emailing and they have blocked us. We have always. given our love to them all. We Have always been there for them in all circumstances. Please dear Jesus forgive them for they do not know what they are saying or Bug man look at the face of this beautiful little girl. Who do you think she looks like? Luv u hon. I miss you soooooo much. Please hug Theresa and all those little special ones for dad and I. Please bugs we are your parents. Life is short. Please forgive us. We were so sick over Christmas and still am. I don’t think you guys would have appreciated us being there. We were so out of it. Hope you got your money back. Can we use it in the near future? Dad is going to Winnepeg on the 22. Praying he is well enough. Maybe you can meet him there. Then in Feb to Vancouver. You should go be with dad bugs. He would be in heaven. Love you. He could use you as a sounding board. If he could practice his presentation on you. Please call bugs. You guys blocked us. You are a parent as well and you know the love you have for those kiddies. We have the same love for all of you. Bugs dad and I will never give up You are our joy and life. . Please fill their hearts with forgiveness and with love and compassion. Jesus call on all your angels and saints to fill their hearts with love and not hate and whispher to them to call us. Our son suffers mental illness and we are so worried dear. Jesus please fill their hearts and home with your Holy Spirit. We miss our grandkids so much and those little ones love us so much. Please whisper in their hearts and ears to call us. I place this in your hands Jesus. Please bring peace to my husband and I. We hurt so much. Pray with us angels and saints in heaven surround them all with so much love. Take all this hate away from them. Please. Thank you Jesus. Your Holy word states families have to love and respect Each other. You put us together God. Thank you brothers and sisters for praying with us. We pray Gods blessings and love be with you all. Amen.

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