Heal this vessel Lord


You have brought me to a crossroads in my life. The man that I felt loved me and was sent from you has betrayed me and my love for him. Lord I want to be sure of your will for me and him. I do not want to put limits on you oh lord. I know that all things are possible through you lord. I pray that you give me strength to weather this storm and help me see the all of the blessings in it.

I pray that you heal my pain in my heart and help me to spend time getting better in you lord. I have faith lord that you will get him together and that that we will be stronger than ever lord. I do not know how I will ever trust him or love him as much as I once did. I have spent years loving him unconditionally. I am just so hurt and angry and disgusted. Lord Help me! Hear my cry! I just don’t want to think of what has been done to me lord anymore lord! I don’t have the strength lord!

Please guide me lord and help me to see your path lord. I know that your plans are greater than anything I could imagine. I believe you for great things lord.

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