Heal the little boy in my husband, and the little girl in me

by Erika (Louisiana)

To heal the little boy in my husband so that he may be able to let go of the past and embrace the life and Gifts God has given him now. I pray that he let’s go of the past right now, today! For him to see and appreciate the real love that my heart has for him and to not see me as an enemy but as his helpmate his partner and his true love. I pray for Him to know and see that my heart is pure and tgat I love him. I pray for God to do his will in his life, my life and our marriage. I pray for our marriage to be reconciled but to a higher place and for God to be placed at the center of every decision, trouble, good time, and bad. Pray that my husband leads us the way God the Father wants him to and the way he was destined to do so. I pray for us to fulfill our destiny together with God and always lean and trust in Him only.

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