Heal Stomach prayers of the ritious avails much! Thank you


Lord pls STOP the RUNAROUND Abuse & dont let this heater break now whem i need it the most. im cold & Sick & need to get ready to start traning now for a good Job if im well enof to handle it & for grandchild sake hes in day care Please Pray that his day go by Quickly or they pick him up early & Im HEALED Strong to be able to drive all the way out there & pick him up from school & OR HIS DAD (Hes in care 11 hrs.)

that he spend more time w/his Son,& be well enof to work also with Hi Paying Job. Lord pls FIX everything DELIVER THIS MAN for his Son Sake. FIX my HOME & the one I want to Buy & make it Rite the CAR, Glasses, Marriages,our KIDS, Bodies, Finances, Heater, Injustices all that I ask of You & St Jude SOON! Help me to eat RITE~ that daughter w/husb cont. to go to church & stay away from others assunder & spend holidays with us GOD KEEP US SAFE & OUT OF DANGER BY YOUR MIRACLE BLOOD Your will be done! also Heal my dad Soon that i be able to see him for the Holidays hes Not going to be around much longer. Draw us all closer to U & to eachother my daughter, sis & bro. cuzs, Boaz, exes, Friends set them all free also Amen! thank you so much! IS. 54v17, Eph. 6
or help me focus in getting that Great Home Cheap Soon wherever U want me, that they Not need so many repairs, only you Lord can open doors & FIX it all! Help me w/this PLEASE bring me the Rite Help let me hear from u on this Urgent matter in making rite choices & decisions w/ur Blessings IJN I Love & Praise You Lord Always Amen!

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