Heal Spouse and Restore Marriage

by A. E. (NY NY)

I pray that my spouse O will turn to GOD to fight his demons and evil desires, may GOD turn him away from his adulterous ways, mend his cold heart and turn his deaf ears and have him see all he has lost by walking away from our marriage. May he finally get out of system his lies, desires and lust.

May he see those in his family mean him not well, that he associates himself with false people who only wish to have him in the pit with them. I pray healing can come to our family and the pain he has caused can be forgiven. I pray for his tormented soul, he is lost and he needs GODS love and the Holy Spirit to touch his heart, I know in my heart there is in good him, let him be the man I fell in love with and restore our marriage in better standing than before with GOD as our connecting cord always.

Block all evil and those who wish to keep us apart way from our lives forever. May no weapon, lies or evil acts prosper against us. May a Hedge of Thorns wrap my spouse and prevent his evil desires, while chasing away forever these women and wicked jealous men who lure good men to sin. GOD IS GREAT, ALL IS POSSIBLE IN HIM.. I pray he answers my prayer, pray for me & my spouse. Thank you a praying wife.. A.

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