Heal Our Wounded Hearts, Bless Us With Your Grace and Reunite Us In the Peace of Your Love

by Julia (Ohio)

Heavenly Father, You alone know the hearts of my love and I. Recently weve faced enormous challenges and have fallen short of being the ever faithful servants You have created us to be. I humbly ask that you send the Holy Spirit to heal our brokenness and renew in our hearts the purest love for each other that we both felt for one another not so long ago. Please help us to learn the wonderous peace that forgiveness brings when we have been hurt and to embody the true selflessness of your chosen servant, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Almighty God, with whom all things are possible, I ask that you bond us together in Your name that we may live the rest of our lives together in Holy Marriage, ministering to those in need and honoring You, ever grateful for this most precious love Youve blessed us with. Amen.

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