Heal Our Marriage

by Mike (South Carolina)

Dear Jesus, please heal my marriage with Sandy. Please Father give me the strength to be the man she needs me to be and to join her in growth and love. Thanks you Father for the blessing of Sandy and our 4 children.

I know I have fallen short many times in our relationship and I beg forgiveness. Please dear Jesus soften Sandys heart to me and heal our marriage. You are a miracle worker and I love you..Please be with us

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Mike

    I will pray for both of you and your family

    This morning

    Please go to church each Sunday even if

    By yourself do not push Sandy to go if she

    Has not been going your example and faith

    Will do the rest. When you go together

    Never stop going if you had an argument

    Make a commitment to go even if upset

    With each other You will be amazed

    At what Jesus does . My wife and I literally

    Have driven in the car to church not talking

    And mad at each other but when we leave

    Church somehow Sunday becomes a good



    I don’t know how bad your situation is but one thing I know for sure is that if you seek Him in truth and righteousness, He will forgive you, give you salvation and peace of mind to remain faithful to your partner and keep your home. May the Good Lord grant your heart desire in Jesus name. Amen

  3. Praying with you

    I am praying with you for healing in your relationship. I am going through something similar and the power of prayer when 2 or more come together is amazingly strong. I pray that God softens your wife’s heart and that God gives you the strength and humility to pray through this. God is amazing and is there during our trials and tribulations.

  4. Believing


    I am praying with you that God may touch your wife’s heart so that she is able to forgive you. I pray that God will restore your marriage and that you and your wife will forgive and love one another just as Christ has loved us. Amen.

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