Heal Our Marriage, Change His Heart, & Return The Love of My Life

by Marie (Brownsville)

Dear Lord, Our marriage seems to have been destroyed by his infidelity and because the enemy had attacked! Though I told him I had fallen out of love, I have realized it is totally false. I Love This Man!!! I have forgiven him but he is involved with someone else. He has been out of OUR house for several months now and I ask it be Your Will! I pray that You open his eyes, shake his soul, and make him see and realize that You gave us each other to be soul mates. I pray for reconciliation and for him to have a HUGE AND FOREVER change of heart…for him to become faithful as You are Lord.

I pray that You help us fall in other with each other and live out the rest of our lives together. I will fight for my marriage and I won’t let Satan take it from me without giving it my all!!! So Lord, hear my heart’s petition and bless our love and marriage forever and a day! I pray this in Your Precious Name -Amen