Heal Our blessed Deanna

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Lord Jesus, I call upon your glorious name, and pray for your merciful heart to surround Our Deanna, who has been suffering from a deadly Cancer, to heal her with your righteous right hand, and also feel the pain, anxiety, hardship, her boys taken from her, because of lies for 8or9 years which caused her physical harm to her body, she tried to go back twice, counseling, Dad refused, he lived under his parents house, my son gave him a job, easy for him, turns out my Daughter gets a deadly cancer at that, she still pays child support, went to all her boys games, football, wrestling wrestling, etc. Always there for them, payey for half of everything, she seen her boys every other weekend, but they refused to stay with her so they stayed with her at her sisters house, where their cousin was, This guy abused my grandsons for many years verbal, mental, physically, June 30 2018, the younger one called said Dad was being abusive, so , my daughter picked him up, she was living with her fiance years layer, so she made sure it was OK, cause his Dad brainwashed my grandsons, said bad things about him, They were apprehensive about going. Well my grandson has been there for 10 months, and is so happy, they moved to a bigger house, not once has the Dad offered money, or let him have any of his stuff, We all gave him money, gift cards to buy clothes, my brother in law gave him 100. At Christmas my daughter and her younger son went to see her other son, he was away at college , and so they went in the house and the Dad said what the F are you doing here, I never want to see you again, really, So who is the abuser, and now my daughter has Cancer, Please Jesus Take the wheel, Free my daughter from this cancer, and watch over my grandsons, God bless them, Heal my daughter, have mercy for her soul, and keep my grandsons with their Mom. Amen

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