Heal My WIfe

by Jeremy (PA)


I have been a horrible husband for 10 years, I have broken my wife’s spirit by saying awful things just to hurt her, I have not shown her the love and compassion she deserves. I have looked outside our marriage for comfort both emotionally and physically when things were bad. My wife told me she forgave me, but we never explored the issues to heal our marriage. I continued to do and say things to hurt her never realizing she was hurting so bad.

She has finally had enough and told me her feelings are dead. The pain I feel is killing me, I never realized just how important my wife is to me, For two weeks we talk but only like strangers, The love is gone from her heart. I need you lord more than you know. I miss my wife’s touch, her kiss, her love. She is the most beautiful person inside and out, and I don’t want to live my life without her. Lord give me the strength to win her back, to have her fall in love with me again.

Lord heal her heart, allow forgiveness to enter her heart. Allow love to replace her anger. Lord show her that I will be the husband she has always deserved. Help her to move forward with me in a loving relationship. In Jesus Name, Amen

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