Heal my son Julian (19 yrs) that has Traumatic Brain Injury and all the hurtful symptoms

by Michelle ()

My husband Pierre and I have a 19 yrs old son with Traumatic Brain Injury. He has severe fine motor, cognitive, and speech delays. He is not 19 yrs mentally but he is very very smart and aware. He is combative, impulsive, and sensory seeking regardless of the outcome. Julian is also in need of total care. Which means he need help with every day life living. He has become very combative within the last 5 years to us and others. Recently, he has been kicked out of two schools because of his combative behavioral issues. The spirit that has my son is using him to cause extreme stress, hurt, and confusion in our family. My husband and I used to spend a lot of time together but now that is no longer. We have used agencies for sitters but he is abusive to women, and its hard to find qualified men that will do that type of work. There seems to be a black cloud that lives around us (I constantly feel it). We are emotionally heavy and burden. Julian is taking 5 medication but nothing helps him and we have tried several. He has constant mood swings and is destructive to our possessions. I have become the target within the last 2 years. Julian is not a child you can chastise. We’ve had to call the police several times and he has been hospitalized 3 times within the last 2 months for psychotics abusive behavior towards me. We live in Texas (7 yrs) that do not provided nearly enough services for people suffering with mental health issues. We were unaware of this when we moved here. I seek to go back home to Chicago, but Pierre and I need to first find employment which we are seeking. The problem with that – employers are not matching our current salary. We are in a desperate state of being and need God’s intervention immediately! We are a Christian family and have had hands laid on Julian many times throughout his life. I pray constantly rebuking the devil – praising and worshipping the Father for his ever lasting love, faithfulness and protection! I know the father can heal Julian because I claim he is healed by the strips of Jesus! The Holy Spirit told me my son’s Spirit is broken, I believe that to be true. Julian was severely abused as an infant by his biological uncle. We got Julian through the child and family service of Illinois when he was 7 months and his adoption was finalized when he turned 2 yrs. Now, that he’s 19 the law states we have to take guardianship of our son because he is considered legal age to make decisions for himself. I’m bothered by this the law already granted us legal rights to raise and care for him through the adoption. His medical diagnoses is still the same 19 yrs later. My other problem is to take guardianship is expensive. I don’t appreciate having to pay over $3000 for an attorney. I believe in prayer and therefore, seek you to pray for my family and other families in similar situation in relation to having a family member suffering with mental health issues. Its very hard to care for them and without enough help (financial) or services you almost feel alone -although, you know the Father is there but you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and you are under constant stress, strain and insanity. Healing my son by giving him his freedom (health) and liberty that was stolen from him is what my husband and I seek most for Julian. I Thank You for taking the time to read my long prayer request. Michelle Celestin

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