Heal my relatioship and restore

by Jageri (USA)

Dear Lord,

Please help Erik and I in our relationship. Its been a month, since I asked for some space. I should have known better to talk this thru with him. The space had nothing to do with our relationship, it all related to my work and i didnt want to bring any undo stress home.

So I asked him for space. Well, that space has been somewhat permanent. He decided to move on with his life. I’ve tried very hard to apologize and try to make this work. Its apparent that he wants to move forward. He still says he loves me.

Dear lord, Please make this work out and find it in Eriks heart to return and for us to grow in love again. I realized my selfish mistakes and he has forgiven but, hes not coming back.

I pray in your name to please bring us back together. Its been a long painful month without him. I believe he is my soulmate!

In your name, i pray.