Heal My Mother God

by Sheng (Philippines)

My Mother is suffering from her various illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure and lungs problem)and most of all she is getting weaker due to her kidney problem as its not functioning well. Her creatinine is now 514 which is the doctor advised for dialysis but becos we are lack of finances this time we coudnt make it. But we did our best for her. We always went to the doctor for check up and have admitted her in the hospital but no progress. So right now, i ask for help to help me pray for my mom. Her name is Teresita Labasano. I pray that God will heal my mom and give her chance to live long in this world together with us. I love my mom so much. I really hope that God will cure my mom. Only his miracle who can help my mom this time. Pls dear God I beg you to prolong the life of my mother. She will be celebrating her 65 birthday on October 3. Pls as my birthday wishes for my mom. She can celebrate more bdays with us as her family. I need you and I want you God. You are the one who can save my mom this time. I cant thank you enough for everything you have done into my family but hope this time you will do me a favor to cure my mom. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In Jesus name I pray Amen

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