Heal my marriage — keep my family together

by Joanne (Philadelphia, PA)

Dear Lord,

I pray that you will heal my marriage, make the bonds of my marriage stronger than it has ever been, keep my family together, and make us a strong family unit.

Lord, I ask that you enlighten my spouse and bring his lost soul home. Please show him the path that is right and just and to repent to his family and friends. Show him that his marriage and family are more important than anything else and that he is truly loved at home. Show him that evil still existences and has ulterior motives. Protect him and the family from this evil; hold his hand and show him the healing, righteous light so he can find his way home and no longer be lost.

Lord, like the story of the Prodigal Son, the family waits with open arms to accept, forgive, and love this man with all of our hearts. We ask that he turn to you for guidance, answers, wisdom, and strength so he does the right thing.

Lord, my family is hurting and broken, and we turn to you in this time of need and suffering to ease the pain. Bring us closer together, and bring the joy and laughter so that as a family we can share in your glory.


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