Heal my loving and great mother, Lord

by Lily (Atlanta Ga)

Dear lord, I am praying for my mother who is always in psychical pain, I don’t know where this is always coming from. Bless her lord and take away all the pains that she is having everyday all day.

I pray for her to stop having to take so much medications and having to go to doctor appts and to be healed by you lord. She is an amazing person & mom ,very caring and has done everything for me and my family & others. She is in her 40s only and just cannot find the source to all of this. Even my grandma doesn’t ache like this.I hope to see her without any pain and up an happy all the time. No more laying in bed because of pain. (I’m not saying she can’t get up and walk around and go out to places that she needs but most of the time she is in pain & medication.(This is my first time doing something like this in public about her) but I pray and know u can heal whatever she has God because u are everything to us and we love you. Amen.

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