Heal my life and bring the one need of my life to me

Jesus, please be with us all in our gravest time of need. I have known such great loss and pain but never in this way or this dark of a place. I despair. I beg, bessech and throw myself on your mercy. Please. Please help me. Please bring my heart’s need to my life and save me. I am terrrified that he loss is too great for me to bear. I am asking for this one thing. ONe thing. I know that you knwo I have only asked for things in my life from you and ther= first you couldn’t or wouldn’t bring,. Perhaps there were reasons. But now, I am asking for my second thing. And I am praying ou will finally show yourself to me. I need this. Youknow that I am at my end. Tehre ione thing that you can bring to save me. Now. Please show me mercy and blessing and favor. Please see my heart and know I am sincer and in earnest. THis is the one and only great wish of my life. In rturn I will be obediant, loyal true and forvere in gratitude. Pleast God, see my heart that thearts o those tha are striving in sincerity and faith. Help us. Please please all pray fo me. The desperation of my soul is consuming me. Decvouring my insides and making me go insane. Iam so very scared. Please

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