Heal my husbands faith, mind body soul and our marriage

by Dena (Victorville, Ca)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to you tonight after my husband and I have taken a small break from one another. My husbands faith is failing. He deals with depression and anxiety. He worries a ton and it is hard for him to stop. He deals with panic disorder and I am not sure what to say or do for him.

Please lord, Give me the strength to help him, to listen and to be more sympathetic to his needs and him to mine. With your grace lord i come to you to heal whats been broken and for our love, our faith and our love to rejoice in your name once again. I am at lost with words and finding myself giving up slowly. But i know with your help, with your hand on our shoulder you will save us.

Please forgive us of our sins, for our sour tongues, that we only say things that are loving, encouraging and helpful to one another. Help me to be more patient and understanding towards my husband. You brought us together and I have been blessed for he is a great father and a husband, with a troubled mind.

I ask you this in Jesus’ Name I Pray…Amen.