Heal my father Oh Father.

by Melanie (United States)

Heal him. Open his lungs to bring on his own with your righteous and blessed hand, open his new veins to breathe, clear his fever, clean his blood, clear his chest of any and infection, open his eyes and let him see you. Let him know he is loved, let him remember You are there. Let him know his family cares for him. Please keep us alive and in good health and restore any faith that has been lost. Only Your power can save him, guide the hands that tend him, please oh Father, keep my father alive. Keep his heart beating. Let him live. Let him breathe. Let him know he is loved and will never. EVER be forgotten. He will not be left behind, oh Lord, in this grave hour of need, I know you will bring peace to him and to us. You will help all of us to triumph. To believe. We will be okay, with You. To believe in you, Lord Jesus, is to have eternal life. Through you. To Heaven and God, your Father.

Please, let him know that I, Melanie his daughter, loves him.

And I never meant to hurt him or leave him.

Please let me see him again.
I ask this is your name,


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