Heal My Dog, Help Me to be there for him.

by Rita (Signal Hill, CA, L.A.)

Dear Lord, Please touch my Tucker and help him heal from an auto accident. Please let him shine with joy and energy as he did before. Please give Tucker the will to fight for his right to be a part of this life, with spring in his step

and smiles abound, please allow him to regain that spark, once again, that made his magical personality.

Lord, please give me the strength to help him through the pain he’s experiencing, the confusion of his inability to be more mobile, and the incontinence that is breaking down his spirit. Lord, help me to set aside my fears and weaknesses….help me to be positive so that I can motivate Tucker to believe that he is in the loving hands of the Lord during this confusing time, and that this too shall pass.

Guide and give us all the power of your love and wisdom to be able to assist those in need or hardship….Thank You Lord, Amen.

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