Heal my children

by Sandy (North Caroloina)

Dear Heavenly Father please heal my sons . Heal with forgiveness each one of them letting them forgive each other. They all have anger issues and with good reason are insecure.. All have been mistreated by an abusive father and I ,in my own way, have tried perhaps to much to offset that hurt with love. yet without enough consequence as I felt so sorry for them. They all have huge hearts but have found the wrong comfort often in alcohol etc. They all

believe in God and were always taken to church as they were growing up. Please God, only you can know the whole of their lives and only you can free them , Make them christian, loving and forgiving men. Let us all treat each
other with kindness,forgiveness and humility. They need you right now as their anger has spilled over towards each other. Heal my family Lord and heal me.Tell me what to do – show me how to help . I leave this in your hands as you left them in mine.. in Jesus holy name and for his sake. Thank you .Amen.

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