Heal my broken relationship

by Essy (Western-Cape)

Dear Jesus,

Im writing You this prayer as its hard for me to say it in words but its much easier for me to write it down then trying to expresss myself verbally to You.

Jesus Saviour of my soul, Creator of me, my one and only true and faithfull friend i come before You today with my broken heart but still humble and hopefull before You. Jesus lover of my soul for me there’s nothing that i could hide from You , You know it all.

LOrd Jesus You are my healer, my provider and my comforter, in You i found the masterpiece of life itself. In You i live, in You i breath, in You i find the purest love that the world could not offer me. In You my Redeemer i found peace in mind and heart.

Jesus he choose to leave and i didnt had the courage to stop him, he choose to leave while our love was still in bloom and i couldnt find the right words to make him stay. I just let him go knowing that You my Saviour is alive, knowing that You love me unconditionaly and that You will make away where there seems to be no way.

Knowing Lord Jesus that You allow all things for areason. I stand here forever in Your Mighty Name with Your promises written on my heart and knowing there’s nothing that You and me can not handle together.

But still today i miss and love him so deeply. He is one of Your creations in the form of a blessing to me. I want him to love me, respect me and appreciate me for who You created me to be in his life in Jesus Name. I still cherish every well spent moment with him Jesus, and somehow all these memories have a way of killing me silently inside. I miss him so much.

Im not perfect Lord and neither is he but You alone are, please Jesus bind us with new love with Your perfect love and restore what ever is broken in our minds , hearts,lifes. Heal both of us from our past mistakes, failures, heartache and broken trust and restore our love and trust for each other.

Soften our hearts towards each other and purify our love in the most deepest way ever. As we are apart Jesus let Your love finds a special way of intruding our hearts silently and makes us long for each other. Speak where we cannot speak, let us feel a burning love for each other when we apart. Let our hearts and minds find a soft way of speaking with one another in Jesus Name.

Change our lifes Jesus, create in us clean hearts and let Your Spirit fill us with new hope, desire, love and trust in Your Wonderfull Name. Warm up our hearts for each other and when we not together Jesus whisper peace and love in our hearts for one another.

Let the separation brings a stronger love a softer touch and a deeper understanding between two people thats so scared to love Jesus. As You restore our love and bring wonderfull healing draw us closer to You. Wash us in Your Blood and restore what the satan has stole from us. Renew our minds, our hearts as You fill us with Your Holy Spirit and Wonderful love.

As You make us falling inlove all over agen give us both the opportunity to fall deeper and deeper inlove with You. Let us experience the love You want us to have and let us enjoy Your Glory in our hearts. Take over Lord and make us one in Jesus Name.

As You work in our hearts and minds right now Jesus, please find away to silently bound the deepest bond of love between two people waiting and searching in Jesus Name. I love him Jesus but i love You more and more by each new day by beginnig again.

Broke every chain of Satan over us and our relationship, break his wickedness over our minds and hearts as I stand in Your Word that the Lion of Juda will break every chain.

You are my everything. Love You so much and You are worthy of my highest praise.

In Jesus Name


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