Heal my Broken Relationship, and my Broken Heart

by Christina ()

Dear Jesus, you know me inside and out, and there’s nothing I can hide from you . Right now, I’m devastated and at a loss. A very close friend , since 30 years, ( you know him, ), refuses to accept my calls or speak to me. As you know, we were friends, not partners. But a 30 year friendship is to be cherished. Now, it’s over. He suffers from schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. I actually got him off the street and allowed him to live in my home for years . Lord, I put my life on hold for years, gladly. I really love this apostle in Christ in Christ . He discipled me, when I first got Born Again.

Lord, I love this friend sacrificially. It’s true that he did call a lot, and sometimes I didn’t reply right away. You know, I am very sick : I have Congestive Heart Failure, Afib, COPD, and Lymphoma, in remission. Now, the doctors tell me my kidneys are failing. Lord, I sleep a lot. I was very sick and did not answer the phone altogether ! But I wasn’t intentionally ” dodging his calls”, as he says! I did share my concerns with a staff where he lives. But I only shared my own medical issues. I did not really discuss my friend. Lord, he refuses to speak to me, and told me not to call the house anymore !
I need a miracle ! My friend knows you, Lord Jesus. He knows about forgiveness, and being reconciled. He knows that ! But after 30 years friendship, he refuses to forgive. Lord, I need to reconcile and continue 🙏 the friendship. I don’t understand, Lord, and it’s killing me.
Please, I ask you to convict my friend as a Christian, to remember about forgiveness and reconciliation. He is a Born Again Christian, as am I.
Please heal this broken relationship, and my broken 💔 heart . Thank you ,Lord Jesus, in Your Holy Name, I pray .

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