Heal my broken heart, mend my spirit & forgive me of my transgressions

by Laura (Marion, Indiana, USA)

Lord I ask today above all forgiveness for my wrongdoings. Lord I am the weakest of your flock and I feel so lost and abandoned. I opened my heart yet again only to have it broken again. The one I held in my heart but for a moment has turned away from me. I hope in you Lord that you will put your hand down on my situations that I’m currently wading through and bring me forth as a better human being and even though I am not with the one I opened my heart to, I still love him Lord. I pray that you put your hand on him Lord, mind, body, spirit & heart, heal him Lord I pray, let him know you are our Lord & Saviour & that in you all things are possible & help him know that true love is possible & within his grasp, give him the courage to reach out for it before it’s too late, even if it is with someone else. Protect & shield him from the jealousy of those who prefer to see him unhappy and uncared for. If it is truly your will Lord then bring us back together and if not then give me the strength to move forward, help me to gather myself together , become whole again, walk in the light of your love and glorify your holy name. Keep Robbie & the kids safe, happy & healthy Lord and let his eyes and his heart be opened. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, in Jesus name we pray. In the name of the father, son and holy spirit, amen! Blessed be the name of the Lord

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