Heal my baby Jessica

Please Lord heal my daughter Jessica, she is suffering from an enlarged heart, is visually inattentive and is physically handicapped. She is but 9 months old and has seen countless doctors yet no one can diagnose her illness, and she continues to suffer with nothing I can do to help. Please help me pray for the lord to lay his hands upon her and heal her, I have almost lost hope.

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  1. pop says:

    Precious Jesus,
    Your word never return to you vain.
    “for such is the Kingdom of Heaven”
    Today I am so glad that we can come before you because of the Blood of your Beloved Son Jesus Christ.Therefore we are standing on Holy Ground today. Thank you Jesus that You are the Way.
    “No man commeth unto the Father but by Me”
    I recall the day that you died on the cross on Carvery for Jessica.
    You die for our sicknesses and sins and iniquities.
    Thank you that you are the Way.
    Therefore I declare every curse and sickness powerless in the name of JESUS.
    Thank you for sending people with wisdom to help, and finances to sustain Jessica.
    Thank you for loving Jessica and her family.
    Holy Spirit comfort them and guide them.
    Thank you for your Peace that passes understanding, and we do Trust you and Love you.

  2. Resa says:
    Prayers for Jessica & You

    I pray that baby Jessica is lead to the right physician for help with her heart. I also ask that you lead Jessica’s parents to information that will guide them such as on the Internet. People are always offering their own situations and this could in-turn lead to a cure. I pray God works his miracles on baby Jessica now! â€

  3. Anonymous says:
    Heal this sweet baby

    Please Lord heal this sweet child. Please guide her mother towards the right doctor that can help Jessica. I know with you Lord, all things are possible. Lay your gentle touch on this little baby and heal her please dear Lord.

  4. Anonymous says:
    Baby Jessica

    Please lord help this baby and let her suffer no more I ask it in you name.

  5. Anonymous says:
    prayer for baby jessica

    Lord please heal baby jessica.. take all her sufferings.. And please let her live like a normal child. Thank you.. I ask this tru you son Jesus Christ.. Amen

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lord, I ask that you please allow Jessica to healed. I pray that she lives a long, full, happy & healthy life…

  7. Anonymous says:
    God Bless You Jessica

    Lord please heal Jessica she needs you. Jessica my family prays for you to get better sweetie. God Bless!

  8. Anonymous says:
    God Bless You Jessica

    Lord please heal Jessica she needs you. Jessica my family prays for you to get better sweetie. God Bless!

  9. Daniel Grover says:
    Prayer for baby jessica

    Lord, I ask u, please put your hands upon baby Jessica and heal her of this evil illness. Please lord, I ask for a miracle that Jessica makes it through this and recovers from all the pain and suffering. I also pray for her mother and hope that she continues to have faith.Thank you, in Jesus name I pray,

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