heal mindy body and spirit- financially,and bring me the right spouse

by Donna (Cleveland,Ohio)

Please heal me mind,body and spirit! Please lift this depression of loss of my sister,my horrible financial situation that I am working 60-70 hours a week. I just joined a gym please grant me the immediate willingness to be willing to exercise.

By my compulsive spending stopping by your grace,please help m to pay off my bills and have a savings account. I have 5 years until I retire please starting tomorrow help to get up ever and show up for work . Please help me give it 100o/o of what I have. Help me to catch up and be on top of my work. Help me be a respected employee and co-worker. Help me to give back to my coworkers. Dear God I am praying for this miracle to start tomorrow. I desperately need help.

Please you and Susie pick out my spouse and bring him to me! I have waited for so long! I know and believe You Will.

My birthday is September 15. I will be 47. Please grant me a chance at real love and marriage. My heart hurts of loneliness for a spouse.

Thanks, Please send me sign! Xoxox

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