Heal me,give me strength & guidance lord…

by Amber (Colorado)

Just had a baby,my hormones are all wacky..praying they get back in order.im dealing with depression and anxiety,it’s terrible.i hate it…I can get simple anxiety just by watching tv or sleeping or just the what if thoughts of the future..like I worry and it’s taking a toll on me witch makes my depression worse..I have a mom but I’m not close with her and never have been.my father has passed away when I was 22 he was 52 massive heart attack..I’ve lost a lot of people that I was close too.basicly I wanna b a good mom and I kno deep down Iam.im just struggling bad emotional wise..I pray God has a purpose for everything I’ve been threw and a Beautiful future that I can enjoy with Love and gratitude.i pray for strength and god to come bk into my heart n soul.amen

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