Heal me God. Dont let me die…

by Amy ()

Please pray for me. I have been having health issues since December and I’m so very scared. it started with my left side of my face becoming paralyzed they called it Bells Palsy. then my Blood Presher meds caused my throat to swell up they said. and now I feel like I’m dying every day. and I’m so scared. I feel dizzy, confused at times hot and cold feeling in my neck and chest down my arms. I have been to the hospital 3 times… I can hardly eat and I feel so weak and my throat feels so weird like it’s tight and I gag. I am going in for testing on my Gallbladder and liver tomorrow. and they have me set for a CT scan on Feb 1st. I am so scared I really don’t want to die yet. my mom needs me to care for her I am all she has and I have pets that need me to. I know I will go to heaven but I am not ready yet. Please beg God for me to get better so I can be here for my mom till the end. I just want to live till I’m 30 at least. It’s only 3 years. :'( please pray for me.

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