heal little Ethan, heal Kody

by Cathy ()

God, please heal little Ethan. Please help his parents get him to the hospital if he needs it, and understand whatever they need to somehow despite the language barrier.
He slipped on some water I didn’t realize another kid had gotten on the floor, and he cried, and he’s never cried from a bonked head or even when he got cut, and 20 min. later he was on the floor in a fetal position, and an hour later I was having trouble keeping him awake. He slipped and fell straight down, horizontal, and hit the back of his head on the title. He was walking okay 30 minutes later, and his pupils weren’t over half his iris, but I’m really worried.
He wasn’t talking much 9 months ago, and he’s starting speaking English, and he remembered my name from 2 weeks ago and was the first one to greet me today.
Please save their family and carry them in your peace and please heal Ethan, Lord! Please bless his brain and every cell in his body!
And please heal Kody from the car accident, stop his brain bleed (48 hours now), heal his brain swelling, heal him from the surgery to remove part of his skull, heal him from all his injuries. Save him, Lord! And save his friend’s fiancé who had been driving, and heal them from this loss.
And please save Haniel, and plug him into a loving group.

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