Heal her heart and restore her, Oh Lord.

by N (Texas)

Lord I come to you humbled and ashamed not worthy of your blessings but I am saying this prayer for my teenage daughter who has made choices in her life that have lead her down a path of destruction. Lord come shine your light in the darkness that has consumed her and guide her down a path of righteousness. Help her to see her wrong doings and turn from them and ask for forgiveness for all of the sins that she has done and to forgive all of the sins that have been committed against her. Show her that your love is greater than what any man can give her.

Heal her heart and restore her to the child you blessed me with, a child that is kind and loving, one that is quick to love and not to anger and hate. Lord she needs you now more than ever, please protect her during this troubled time and show me what I need to do to help her or what I can do to help her as her mother. Please keep me, my husband and other children in your prayers, to come into our hearts and minds and to heal my broken family by gluing it back together with your word and love. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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