Heal family member and please protect us

Dear St. Jude,

Please hear our prayer and help us. Please greatly help our family member to fully heal from a medical procedure, and for them to gain strength, in all ways. Also Please protect us from an unwanted invasive couple who is bothering us with unwanted emails, meddling and seem to have a desire to poke us, bother us, get into our business, even hurt our feelings. Please keep them away from us. If it is possible please help our hearts to heal, us to be wise and strong! And please strongly have them back off and if you see it as possible to do,for them to keep out ! And for them to learn and to apologize to us! We want to be peaceful, concentrate on helping our family member get well, and for all of us to rejuvinate from a very diffiult time.
Thank you dear St. Jude.
Lovingly from, A hurting family in need who are weary

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