Heal Andrea my Father

by Sherry (Fla)

Dear Lord please hear my prayer and let Andrea respond to her medication. Please comfort her and please help Jonny Ray to be strong and to help Andrea with kindness and understanding. Please bless their lives and bring them closer to you. Please Lord let her hear good news and make her well. Please bless my mother in her life and thank you so much for her. Please bless Terry and her family. Thank you for the many blessings you have given me. Please keep me safe in my drive tomorrow and help me to get to the airport on time and a safe flight home. Please protect and to keep safe my entire family and all my friends. Please help me to fall asleep fast to night. Thank you for your beautiful salvation and bless my church and all the people. Thank you for my church. Please protect our military members their families our police and our President Trump. Please Lord bless this country because without you we are nothing. Help me to be a better person and forgive me for my sins which are to many. Help me to quit smoking. Please bless my marriage and keep Satan out of my head. Please bless Renee and keep her safe and forgive my hard feelings Lord. Please help me to be able to forgive others. I don’t understand why I am so hateful and can’t get past things Lord even when I pray for people I do not like it’s hard to make myself pray which is terrible and I feel ashamed so please Lord help me in this area. I pray for everyone praying here on this Web site. Please hear their prayers and comfort all. Lord I do need so much help in my life I’m depressed and miserable. Help me Lord help me. Thank you for Tony and bring him closer Lord to you. Thank you for the work you have given us and please help me to get the correct paperwork and to get what I need to work. Again I ask that you heal Andrea and for a safe trip back home. Please keep all safe tonight at the festival. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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