Heal and forgiveness in this newly found relationship

by CM To GK (Raleigh, NC)

Dear God it’s been an honor to be on this Earth and to receive the things I have received and to to have family and friends who love and support one another. My reasoning for writing this is because I am in a new relationship barely a year old and there has been a horrible situation that has happened to cause him not to trust me and to pull his feelings away from me. I ask for forgiveness for what I have done to him. I want the best for us both and for us to be together and love one another and continue on this journey that we started together because he is the best one for me on this Earth and I know I am the best one for him. I just need him to open his heart and seek this out and forgive me and let’s move forward because we both are positive people and I have a lot of love in my heart to give him and only him and I want him to see the best in me and only the best. I pray that he will put down his guard and allow his hard to open to me because I know I can make him happy and I want that chance to show him how much we belong together and will prosper! We are always happy when in one another’s presence all the frustrating when separate and feelings come out all we need is that one big step in communication to seal the deal I know we can have it and I know we both want it as for this for both of us to allow each other to enter into one another’s hearts and seek this out. I am so sorry for what I have done I can’t take back the past all I can do is ask for the most forgiveness and that I am very humble and deeply sorry for what I have done and it will never happen again with my word and my life as long as I’m on this Earth I am here to love and to accomplish great goals not ruin anyone else’s and I need him to say that I’m a good person a happy person I want to share everything that I have with him I want him to smile in my face and smile when we are not face to face I want to be what he thinks about when he first wakes up in the morning and before he goes to sleep at night. He is a great guy and so wonderful to me I don’t want him to think that all that he’s invested is just a waste I want it to be an experience that we both continue on I want this to be a life Journey for both of us and to be side by side why doing it because he’s a wonderful person and I don’t want to miss out on any of the blossom with his heart. Again I’m very genuine. I want nothing but the best for both of us and I’ll do my best to prove that to him just know I am here I’m not going anywhere I promise I will not do anything against but no one’s will on this Earth because I’m a great person with a great heart and nothing will positive blood and feeling this to be about in this world I love to laugh and I love to have him, so doing good times and bad times good there will never be another time like before that I will promise promise my life on that will never happen again. An Old Wounds take time to heal things can be forgiven but not forgotten but with an open heart and an open mind allow the love to enter everything will be just fine that I will promise habits forever fun forever because you are my forever!