heal and bless my relationship

by Natasha C. (New York)

Dear Almighty Father, I come to you for healing and breaking chains of infidelity or anything that the enemy is trying to do with my relationship with Bairon. I come to you Lord to help my relationship with Bairon to get stronger and to come closer to you almighty father. Bless my relationship with Bairon. Don’t allow the enemy to get the best of us. I rebuke the anxiety and doubt in the name of Jesus Christ. Almighty Father bring more peace, love, happiness, loyalty in my relarionship with Bairon. Please father heal him and protect him from temptations and evil desires. Allow him to get to know you and listen to your word. Help him change his life, and allow him to revolve it arround you. Heal us father . Bring us closer to one another and to you as well. Allow me to bring happiness to the relationship without any doubts, almighty father. Help us have trust for one another. Dont allow the enemy to mess around with our thoughts. Almighty Father, rebuke the fear of being cheated on. Allow Me to forgive and forget, so I can live life. Almighty Father, make him understand that his ways aren’t always correct. Allow him to cherish our relationship and heal his heart and soul. Almigyy father make him a better person with a humble heart. Allow us to have better communication with one another and patience. Almighty Father build the love for our relationship and always protect us , in the name of Jesus Christ. Allow us to have more faith in your word and love you so much more. Let us know that you are our savior and anything is possible with you in your will. Almighty Father change both of us to better one another and get closer to you. My father lead us to marriage and bless us with a family. Almighty Father help us become one with you in it. Break any bondages in bairons life that are hurting his soul and his walk with you, as well with me. Uplift him and make him feel a change man . Rebuke alcohol and cigarettes from his life. Help me father to trust in your word and having more faith. With you anything is possible. Father rebuke chains of fear in ny life and anxiety . Allow me to love uncinditionaly and know that you are always protecting me. Father please bring blessings to my relationship with Bairon Lopez. Allow love, joy, loyality, and peace, abundance in our relationship . Help both of us get closer to you and love you and have faith in you almight father, more than anything . In your name Jesus Christ, Amen.

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