Heal Altzeimers

by Rosalia ()

My is dealing with Altzeimers disease and it’s getting progressively worse as the weeks and months go by. Unfortunately he was not a very good stepdad to my other siblings so I had to make the decision to move from New York State to Florida and move in with him so I could be his caregiver. It breaks my heart seeing how he can’t really hear much or understand what I say to him anymore. His mind is always on the ducks that he sees outside his window. It seems like he has filtered everything else out of his life. It’s like he sees me but sometimes he just calls me, “that woman” when he’s refering to me. Sometimes I feel like he just hates me, but whenever I tell him that I’m going out for a few minutes he always says, “God bless you and bring you back the same as you where when you left”. I love my dad so much but dealing with his Altzeimers is really tearing my heart in two. I would never send him to a nursing home and yet I can’t help but wonder if my two sons will do the same with me or will I be in a nursing home one day just waiting for death to come and get me out.

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